Credit Rating

To date we have taken care to ensure that only professional pilots with a regular income from a major airline can join our facebook group. Of course most of our group members have gone through the same process of applying for selection by an airline. At one point they too were pilots, waiting in line with a frozen ATPL, having to pay for their flight hours to keep their license valid.

The fact that this site is only for the pilots who are currently flying as First Officer or Captain with an airline in no way shows lack of respect or understanding for the extremely difficult position experienced by those pilots who have not yet succeeded in being selected by an airline. We hope that as the economy recovers they too will be able to join our club as soon as possible.

But for the time being it is vital for our aims that we restrict our pilot membership to those pilots with a top credit rating. Which means…. yes….. that every pilot who is seeking to refinance their training loans on more equitable terms will have to provide the information our investors will need in order to rate their loan application.

We have adopted a system based on the same sort of criteria used by global credit rating agencies. We aim to ensure that all the pilots listed in our database will qualify as a top rated security risk for our investors.

These pages will explain how the credit rating works. We will probably also show a form for new pilots who want to be listed in our database as candidates for loan refinancing. It will take a while for this to be developed, so for our existing members we will be asking for the data directly instead of via the web pages.

Pages in development….