P2P4U stands for Peer to Pilot for You. These pages will explain our role in helping to arrange refinancing of pilot training loans.

Early in 2015 a group of young pilots based in Europe were surprised by the relatively high rates of interest they were being asked to pay for the loans they had taken on to finance their flight training. Now flying for some of the world’s best airlines and earning an income in the top 1% bracket of European income distribution they had become an excellent prospect for banks. So why were they still being charged the same sort of interest rates they started with years ago as school leavers in a much more uncertain situation?

This group of European pilots decided that they had every reason to expect better terms than they were being offered. That’s why they set the P2P4U platform.

Who are we?

We are a non-profit organization set up to introduce investors to pilots. We collect data from our pilot members and offer this data to potential investors. There is no charge for this service!

We provide investors with a draft contract. The terms of the draft contract can be based on either Dutch law or UK law.

We are also involved in a supporting role in PPI – payment protection insurance. This is important for investors. Pilots are reliable people. They have been selected for their reliability. Be thankful for that next time you are flying above the world in a metal tube at around three quarters of the speed of sound! But what happens if a pilot loses his license? That’s where PPI comes in. It offers a guarantee to both investors and pilots.

There is more to be told about this platform, but please be patient. These pages are still under development: