How much are you earning on your savings – not enough?


Get more from your money by lending it directly to our members.

On this platform ‘P2P’ doesn’t stand for ‘Peer to Peer’. It stands for ‘Peer to Pilots’. Our members are NOT random borrowers. They are ALL professional airline pilots – young people flying for some of the world’s major airlines and ALL earning an income in the top 1% bracket of European incomes.

Lending directly gets everyone a better deal. We invented ‘Peer to Pilots’ lending and we’re here to introduce you to our pilot members.

Would you like to contact pilot(s) to make an offer? If so, then please press the button below and fill in the registration form. P2P4U will then try to match your offer to airline pilots in our database.

How much interest would you like to earn?

You are free to fill in your own terms. But bear in mind: higher interest rates will find fewer takers! You will probably need to offer interest rates with a premium not exceeding 3% above the EURIBOR base rate for your offer to be competitive.

Use this calculator to see how much you can earn per month by lending to professional airline pilots.

Total Deposit
Interest %
Duration (# months)
Repayment period
Repayment amount